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Tips for Retrofitting Parking Lot Lighting to LED

Choosing between installing an entirely new fixture and LED retrofit seems like a no-brainer. The cost for LED retrofits is significantly cheaper – 50 to 75% to be precise – than a fresh installation. While been cost effective, beneficial in maintenance and energy savings, the retrofitting process can be just a bit complicated. Read on for tips for successfully retrofitting […]

LED Wall Pack Installation – Public Storage, Fort Lauderdale

Elcon Electric recently dispatched a team to a Public Storage in Fort Lauderdale to in LED Wall Pack lighting. These fixtures were mounted on the outside walls of the storage facility to provide safety lighting for pedestrians and vehicles. There are many differences between residential and commercial electricians. A residential electrician usually focuses on work […]

The Power of LEDs by Electrician in West Palm Beach

With all the cooking you have been doing this holiday season, you may have noticed your kitchen is a little dark. You are trying to create masterpieces to present to your family and friends, but you can’t see well enough to know what you are slicing and dicing. You probably look like a contortionist trying […]