Lighting Installation and Repair

Should I Have An Electrician Install A Chandelier Near Me?

When you walk into homes with a chandelier installed, there’s no denying the aesthetic impact they have. Chandeliers make your space attractive, exotic, and even luxurious. Hence, most homeowners like to have at least one chandelier installed. If you’re trying to decide between going DIY or hiring an electrician near you to install the chandelier, […]

How to Install a Difficult Chandelier?

There is no denying that one of the most attractive lighting options is a chandelier. They are large and beautiful enough to transform both lighting and the interior décor of any space. Installing a chandelier can be tough or easy depending on how much experience you have with lighting fixtures. Read on to see all […]

Tips for Retrofitting Parking Lot Lighting to LED

Choosing between installing an entirely new fixture and LED retrofit seems like a no-brainer. The cost for LED retrofits is significantly cheaper – 50 to 75% to be precise – than a fresh installation. While been cost effective, beneficial in maintenance and energy savings, the retrofitting process can be just a bit complicated. Read on for tips for successfully retrofitting […]

Parking Lot Lighting In the Miami-Dade Area

Parking lot lights are a lot more important than people think. It might be easy to take for granted how they light up your outdoor space. They offer the following benefits; Protects your business– Many business owners believe parking lot lights might only serve the customers. However, they do more than that. Parking lot lights illuminate […]