Does this Issue Require an Electrician?

Simply hearing the word electrician can make you think of bills and the financial implication of hiring one. Because of this, most homeowners always put off calling an electrician until they have a critical electrical problem. But waiting that long is exposing your home, lives, and property to electrical hazards. There are times when an […]

Do I need Higher Amperage Electric Panel in my home?

Electric panels are essentially the hearts of our homes. They serve as the reception points for power supplied by utility companies and they distribute it to the lights, appliances, and outlets present in the home. It is best that such an important component is functioning at optimum conditions. There might be a need for you […]

Electrical Issues Caused By Storm Surges

We have all experienced a storm at one point or the other. These atmospheric disturbances are usually accompanied by strong winds, thunder booms and lightning flashes. Lightning flashes are strong electrical currents discharged as a result of a collision between equally charged regions in the atmospheres. With the increased use of electrical appliances in our […]

Electrical Services: Panel Upgrade

The electrical panel is considered the nucleus of your home’s electrical system as it is the distribution point of power from the primary source to every other electrical component in your house or building. The importance of having a high-capacity, well –functioning electrical panel cannot be overemphasized. How do you know when your panel needs to […]

Common Miami Electrical Issues

Miami is a beautiful city and a popular stop for tourists. When you are looking for things to do in Miami, you can never fall short with options like beaches, a booming nightlife, art galleries, and more. However, for the homeowner who has electrical problems to attend to all the fun might have to wait. […]