What to Do if Your Outlets Spark

The mere thought of your outlet producing a spark can be worrying not to mention when it happens. The good news is, in most cases, a small spark from your outlet can be normal. Here’s why. Your outlets are connected to circuits that constantly feed them electric power. Hence, when you want to plug an […]

Why is Grounding So Important?

Grounding is a popular term in the electrical industry. If you know a few details about the wiring of your home, then you would know that you have a ground wire installed in all the outlets. So what is grounding and why is it relevant? Grounding is the use of an electrical wire called the […]

What to Cut Back on to Save Electricity

Your day was going fine until you saw the outrageous energy bill with the highest amount accounted for in electricity. You probably squinted to see it clearly and confirm that you really used all that electric power in a month. This is what thousands of homeowners and tenants face when the bill comes and it […]

Can Bugs Live In Your Electrical Outlets?

Yes, they can! The idea or thought of having little crawling things in your electrical outlet can be distressing. Aside from the fact that it is in many ways scary, this can also be dangerous. The kind of bugs you would expect to see living or stuck in your electrical outlets are fire ants, roaches, […]

How to Fix Storm Related Electrical Issues

A storm brings with it water and lightning which can be unfriendly to your electrical systems. In most situations you may experience some circuit breakers tripping, the air conditioning shuts off, and the light goes out. The food in your fridge may start to thaw dangerously. These can easily become a homeowner’s worst nightmare. While […]