Benefits of LED Lighting Explained by Electrician in Florida

Are you still stuck in the dark ages of incandescent lighting? If so, your reasons for switching to CFLs or LEDs may vary, but most people don’t like the idea of spending a dollar or more on a single lightbulb. It is time to open your mind and learn a little more about the many benefits to LED lights and why they have become so popular. An electrician in Florida is here to explain why you will want to spend a little more at the store the next time you go shopping for bulbs. If you have any questions, call Elcon Electric and speak with one of the friendly professionals.

LEDs are more expensive; that’s a fact. However, you will buy one LED bulb that will last for years. When you add up the cost of buying new bulbs every one-hundred hours or so, you are going to find that LED bulb is cheaper in the long run explains a Florida electrician. The LEDs last ten times longer than the incandescent. Another reason to shell out the extra cash up front is the savings you will see on your electric bill. LEDs use about eighty percent less electricity than the incandescent. They also use significantly less energy than the CFLs. Unlike the CFLs, you don’t have to wait a few minutes for them to heat up.

Speaking of heating up, LEDs are cool. They don’t produce heat unlike their counterparts. LED lighting isn’t going to heat up the room. You can have lights and still stay cool, even in the heat of the summer. Those aren’t the only perks. The LEDs are brighter with a cleaner, white light that resembles natural light. If you are ready to make the switch and need new light fixtures installed, give Elcon Electric a call today.