Choose a West Palm Beach Electrician Capable Of Meeting All Your Electrical Needs

When it comes to electrical work, which is something that the average person doesn’t know a whole lot about and can’t typically do a lot themselves, it can be very convenient to have a sort of one stop shop for such things. Finding an electrician West Palm Beach FL option that can handle a broad range of commercial and residential electrical projects reliably is a relief. Knowing that you can count on a crew that did such a great job on your electrical system upgrade and your assorted other electrical remodeling projects to be available for an emergency electrical service call when it comes up, too, gives an added peace of mind. That is the sort of convenience you can enjoy when you choose a reputable electrical contracting company.

Elcon Electric is one of those electrical contracting companies. Founded in 1989 and successfully completing a broad range of commercial and residential projects throughout the area ever since, any of the electricians in West Palm Beach FL from this company can be expected to be a highly skilled professional that’s dedicated to efficiently meeting all of your electrical project needs. Each of their electrical technicians is fully bonded, insured and licensed. The well rounded Encon Electrical team is made up of experienced electricians, deliberately assembled for their complementary skill sets, which is why this company is able to take on such a wide variety of projects and complete them so successfully.

This company has garnered national and regional recognition and awards time and time again for the excellence of their workmanship and their outstanding level of customer service. This West Palm Beach electrician is trusted by such nationally known corporations as Dennys, Sears, and Burger King to handle their regional commercial electrician projects. Commercial projects include exterior and interior lighting installation, maintenance, and repair, as well as electrical upgrades and rewiring projects. They also offer special service packages to regular customers and offer complementary services, like do a periodic night time check of parking lot lights to make sure that they are all functioning as they should.

Residential services are many, and range from round the clock service for electrical emergencies to routine electrical service calls for home electrical system maintenance and repair. They handle large projects like whole house rewiring, as well as small projects like installing electrical outlets. This West Palm Beach electrician company has the experience and the technical know how to handle all residential electrical needs, including installing back up generators, whole house surge protectors, and high quality, reliable fire alarm systems.

Making customer safety a priority is one of the most important elements of this West Palm Beach electrician company. They offer a free residential electrical safety assessment with every job they do, and provide free electrical help over the telephone. They have a high respect for their customer’s time, and when you set an appointment for an electrical service call with an Elcon Electric electrician in West Palm Beach FL, that technician will arrive on time. In fact, if that technician is even one short minute late, your service call is free. This is a company that backs their commitments solidly.

That solid commitment backing extends to the quality their work as well. They offer lifetime guarantee on all of their work. They keep their pricing reasonable, so as to be well within the reach of the average person in need of commercial or residential electrician work. So, if you currently are looking for the right West Palm Beach electrician for your needs, don’t make your final choice until you’ve called Elcon Electric for a free estimate to learn about their competitive rates, and don’t forget to ask about current specials, discounts and coupons.

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