Fort Lauderdale Electrician Experienced With Custom Projects

A unique little part of the state, with a culture and lifestyle all its own, custom electrical projects make up a good part of the work that the best Fort Lauderdale electrician companies do. Life is lived differently in this region, and that makes for different sorts of electrical needs. For example, there aren’t many electricians throughout the nation specializing in sea turtle lighting compliance. Choosing a skilled local electrician in Fort Lauderdale FL such as Elcon Electric to handle your custom project helps to ensure that you’ve got someone with a good understanding of what your electrical needs and wants are, and the regional knowledge to make practical suggestions you can use.

Elcon Electric is among the best of the electrical contracting companies in the region, and if you factor in their high standards of customer service, they really stand out from the local competition. They offer the full selection of commercial and residential electrical services, handling projects of all sizes and complexities, working on new construction and on existing electrical systems. Their Fort Lauderdale electricians are talented when it comes to electrical system upgrades and custom electrical projects. Elcon Electric has broad experience, and has been working throughout the Miami area since 1989. An Elcon Electric electrician Fort Lauderdale FL specialist will be a fully licensed, insured, and boded professional you can count on.

In such a temperate climate, a lot of life is lived outside, making exterior lighting an important part of home design. An Elcon Fort Lauderdale electrician is accustomed to handling all types of commercial and residential exterior lighting projects, and can be a valuable resource when consulted during the planning stages of such a project, especially if you are working on coming up with just the right custom outdoor lighting set up. They can offer great advice on the most energy efficient options to meet your lighting goals, and are always familiar with special local codes, such as how to remain sea turtle compliant with your lighting.

This region is attractive to tourists and travelers from all over, and a lot of people engage Elcon Electric for strategic lighting plans, indoor and outdoor, to enhance home security. Other types of services offered by an Elcon Electric electrician Ft Lauderdale FL specialist include whole house surge protectors, fire alarm installation, remodeling and renovation projects of all sizes, chandelier and ceiling fan installation, electrical system maintenance and repair, full structure rewiring, and much more. This electrical contracting has won many awards for the quality of their work, their innovative approach to resolving electrical system challenges, and for their high standard of customer service.

When you schedule a service call with an Elcon Fort Lauderdale electrician, your technician will show you the respect of arriving on time. According to this company’s customer service policies, if your technician arrives one single, short minute late, your service call is free. When your electrician enters your house, not only will he be well equipped for the job, but that technician will also take extra precautions to show you and your home the respect that you and your residence deserve. The technician won’t be tracking sand or mud on your carpets and floors, because Elcon Electric technicians wear protective coverings on their shoes when entering a home, and bring their own vacuum to clean the site when the work is done.

Elcon Electric stands behind the work of their highly educated and experienced technicians with a lifetime guarantee on their work. This Fort Lauderdale electrician electrical contracting company also offers a free home electrical safety inspection with every job they do. If you have a concern or question about your electrical system, give them a call because they offer free electrical help over the phone for the convenience of their regional customers. You can check out their website by doing a web search for electrician Ft Lauderdale FL. If you are considering a custom project or some other type of electrical work, they’ll be happy to offer you a free estimate.