Consult a Fort Lauderdale Electrician Specializing In Remodeling Projects

It’s always a good idea to consult with an electrician in Fort Lauderdale FL specializing in remodeling projects when renovating or improving your home or business. That is because you’ll want to be sure that the electrical system that is going to be supporting those changes is capable of doing so in a reliable and safe manner. Furthermore, if you are adding new appliances or more high tech electronic equipment than you previously had, you may want to be proactive in protecting it, such as by adding surge protection to your residential or commercial electrical system. An experienced Fort Lauderdale electrician such as Elcon Electric can help you make informed decisions during your remodeling project.

The kitchen is one area of home remodeling that typically may require an electrical upgrade or two in order to be sure that the electrical system is able to support the new appliances safely. Older kitchens just weren’t wired for the way we live today, running multiple appliances while racing against the clock. Evenings may see the electric oven, the microwave, blender, and dishwasher running at the same time, perhaps even with a television or computer going, and a ceiling fan spinning to keep things as cool and calm as possible in our often frazzled modern era. Using the services of a reputable electrician Ft Lauderdale FL professional can make a real difference in the success of your project.

Elcon Electric is one of the region’s better known electrical contracting companies, handling a broad range of commercial and residential electrical projects throughout the area since 1989. They specialize in meeting the varied electrical system challenges involved in remodeling homes and businesses, and have a wealth of experience and expertise to share with their customers. Accustomed to operating within strict budget guidelines, your Elcon Electric electrician in Fort Lauderdale FL can be a valuable source of cost effective and innovative solutions to the electrical challenges you may encounter during the planning of your remodeling project. This electrical contracting company offers free over the phone help, and welcomes their customers to contact them with questions or concerns.

In addition to making sure that your residential or commercial electrical system is able to support the changes you make during the remodeling process, it can also be important to be proactive in protecting your appliances and sensitive electronic equipment. Whole house surge protectors can be a smart way to ensure that you do not have the misfortune of having anything you’ve invested in damaged by the occasional surge that comes through the lines from the utility company. And, as long as you’re thinking about taking steps to protect your home or business, you may want to talk to your Fort Lauderdale electrician about adding a fire alarm system, such as installing smoke detectors that are hardwired into your electrical system.

Achieving complete customer satisfaction is a major priority for this electrician Fort Lauderdale FL region favorite. They have repeatedly won national and regional recognition for the quality of their work and their dedication to achieving a high standard of customer service. They take customer care seriously, as is indicated by one of their many customer care policies that sets them apart from their Ft. Lauderdale electrician competitors in the area. If you schedule an electrical service call with an Elcon Electric electrician in Fort Lauderdale FL and your technician arrives even a single minute late, your service call is free. As we all know, that kind of customer care dedication is pretty rare these days.

When it comes time to choose the right Fort Lauderdale electrician for your commercial or residential remodeling project, be sure to call Encon Electric for a free over the phone estimate before making any final decision. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by just how affordable their services are. Be sure to ask about any current specials or discounts that they are running. And, when you choose this company for to be your electrician in Fort Lauderdale FL, remember that they offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their work, and a free home electrical safety assessment with every job.