Ask an Electrician in West Palm Beach About Circuit Breakers

So, you are faced with the difficulty of a circuit breaker that keeps tripping. This is an annoyance for sure, but is it something that you need to call an electrician in West Palm Beach to see if it can be fixed? The answer is not simple. It varies depending on what caused the breaker to trip. Follow these simple checkpoints to find out if you need to call an expert, or if it is something you can just deal with on your own.

  • Is the breaker overloaded? You determine this by doing some math. Figure out how many amps the breaker is supposed to support and how many amps worth of appliances are operating. It may be that you can avoid operating all the appliances at one time or you could find other circuits to plug some of them into.
  • Check for bad appliances. If the breaker should be able to handle the load but still trips, try unplugging all items and plugging them back in one by one. The item that trips the breaker is likely a bad appliance.
  • If neither of these items is the case check for bad outlets. Do you have one that is broken or looks burned? This is a sign that shows the outlet is getting to hot and causing your circuit to break.
  • Finally, if none of these are the case, it could be that the breaker itself has a loose connection or has gone bad from age. In this case, an electrician West Palm Beach, such as one from Elcon Electric may be the right solution.

Hopefully these simple tips will make it easier to help you make a decision as far as your circuit breaker tripping goes. Don’t be afraid to call and talk with one of the customer service specialists at Elcon Electric if you have further questions or concerns about your circuit breakers or electricity in general.