Outlet Switch

Do I Need A Permit To Replace an Electrical Outlet in Miami?

Replacing an electrical outlet in Miami may seem simple enough, especially when you have the skills or experience to do it yourself. However, when it comes to electrical works, nothing is too simple or small as even your light bulbs can become electrical hazards. The answer to if you need a permit to replace an […]

Installing USB Outlets

USB devices are already a part of our lives. Whether it is a phone or a laptop or whatever kind of device, you are most likely using a USB device. While this is enjoyable, charging these devices is another matter entirely. It could be the bulky adapters you have carry about with you to charge these devices […]

Loose Outlet Issue

At first noticing a slight shift in your outlet when you are trying to plug an appliance might seem weird. But when you try again, you confirm that the outlet is indeed loose. A loose electrical outlet can be uncomfortable to use not to mention dangerous. It should be handled immediately. What could cause a […]

What to Do if Your Outlets Spark

The mere thought of your outlet producing a spark can be worrying not to mention when it happens. The good news is, in most cases, a small spark from your outlet can be normal. Here’s why. Your outlets are connected to circuits that constantly feed them electric power. Hence, when you want to plug an […]

Why is Grounding So Important?

Grounding is a popular term in the electrical industry. If you know a few details about the wiring of your home, then you would know that you have a ground wire installed in all the outlets. So what is grounding and why is it relevant? Grounding is the use of an electrical wire called the […]

Can Bugs Live In Your Electrical Outlets?

Yes, they can! The idea or thought of having little crawling things in your electrical outlet can be distressing. Aside from the fact that it is in many ways scary, this can also be dangerous. The kind of bugs you would expect to see living or stuck in your electrical outlets are fire ants, roaches, […]