Elcon Electric offers Electrical Panel Upgrades and Generator Installation

The electrician Fort Lauderdale FL turns to most often for electrical panel upgrades and generator installation is Elcon Electric. Why? They are one of the best service technicians in those two areas, and since these tasks are somewhat connected, they are often ordered in tandem with each other. If you live in South Florida, you are definitely conscious of the occasional need for back-up power. The goal of any good Fort Lauderdale FL electrician is to make sure that you never have to go through a single night without lights or air conditioning, and losing both in the middle of the summer can make life quite unbearable.

Before you install a generator, it’s a good idea to have an electrical panel upgrade done. Some of the homes a Fort Lauderdale electrician services have outdated electrical systems, even fuses or knob and tube wiring in some instances. Installing a generator is a good idea, but it will cost you a lot more to run it if your power is going out all the time due to bad wiring. Replacing that wiring and upgrading the panel before you add the generator to the network will ensure smooth operation and less frequent outages. The experienced and knowledgeable folks over at Elcon Electric can explain in more detail.

Why choose Elcon Electric for Upgrades?

Elcon Electric is where you’ll find an experienced electrician in Fort Lauderdale FL who knows how to do panel and wiring updates on a large variety of homes from different eras. They’ve been in business since 1989, so their technicians have seen multiple changes in design and architectural styles, giving them an advantage if they need to go in and rip out wires and circuits. Knowing how a home is built ensures that a contractor of any kind won’t excessively damage that home when he’s working on it. A Ft. Lauderdale electrician, just like a plumber or insulation specialist, needs to know which walls to drill into.

There are other reasons besides building knowledge that make Elcon Electric the most sought after electrician in Fort Lauderdale. With a commitment to excellence and a requirement that all of their employees stay up to date on new techniques, tools, and technology, Elcon Electric puts only the very best into the field. They even guarantee that they’ll be on time for every service call, or the call is free. There aren’t too many South Florida electricians that will give you that kind of promise. It’s obvious that those who own Elcon Electric have supreme confidence in those who work for them. You should too.

Preparing for the Best and Worst Weather of the Year

Power outages happen most frequently during storm season. Ironically, the storms come at a time of year when Florida has some of the best outdoor weather of the year. The days are a little too hot, but the nights are perfect for throwing outdoor parties, barbeques, and just hanging around the pool. Do you have outdoor lighting to keep the party going all night long? Elcon Electric can provide that for you, too. Brighten your yard or pool area with lighting that will extend the party as late as you like.

Looking for something a little different in outdoor lighting? A Fort Lauderdale electrician from Elcon Electric can also provide you landscape lighting that will illuminate those corners where wildlife tends to creep in. Using modern technology they can even set some of those lights to go on only when there’s motion in the yard. That should keep out any unwanted guests. Contact Elcon Electric today to learn more.



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