Ask a Fort Lauderdale FL Electrician about Efficiency Enhancing Electrical Upgrades

With energy costs seeming to rise all the time and a troubled economy making it harder to pay those increasing prices, efficiency enhancing electrical upgrades is something that’s garnering a lot of attention. Many commercial Fort Lauderdale electricians are offering such money saving improvements as lighting retrofits, and residential customers are looking at the ways that home rewiring and electric upgrades can increase efficiency. A licensed electrician in Ft. Lauderdale FL, Elcon Electric, is one of the best known electrical contracting companies in the area, and they can offer their customers a great deal of information about enhancing residential and commercial electrical efficiency.

Commercial Lighting Efficiency Enhanced By Lighting Retrofits

Elcon Electric Incorporated specializes in this efficiency enhancing electrical upgrade. Lighting retrofits refers to the upgrading of the inner components of various types of lighting fixtures, using the latest in lighting and electrical technologies to make them far more efficient, significantly reducing the cost of running the lighting. Savings can easily reach ranges of between 30 and 60 percent of lighting costs. It is a smart investment that many customers say soon pays for itself.

Among the commercial electricians in Fort Lauderdale offering this type of commercial electrical work, Elcon Electric is notable because of their lifetime guarantee on all work, significant because they’ve been serving the region since 1989 and expect to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Reputable, this electrician in Ft. Lauderdale is well known throughout the area for the quality of their work. You can schedule a free commercial lighting energy analysis with Elcon Electric to find out just how much upgrading your current interior lighting system and outdoor lighting via retrofits can save on your energy costs. Elcon Electric also handles commercial projects for new construction throughout the surrounding areas of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Electrical Upgrades Make a Difference — Your Fort Lauderdale Electrician Can Tell You Why

Home electrical rewiring is just one of the ways that a residential electrician in Fort Lauderdale FL can help you to increase the energy efficiency of your home. Old wiring, aside from being outright dangerous as a potential fire hazard, can be highly inefficient. In addition to home rewiring, it may be wise to consider new electrical circuits and other home electrical upgrades, such as panel upgrading. You can do a quick web search for: electrician Ft. Lauderdale to find Elcon Electric’s website and their phone number. When you call them, you’ll find that electrical service calls are readily scheduled with the Elcon Electric staff, and when you make a service appointment, you can consider their scheduled time to be written in stone.

At Elcon Electric your residential Fort Lauderdale electrician will be on time, because if the technician is late, the service call is free. And that is just one of the exceptional qualities of the customer service standards set by this well known Fort Lauderdale electrical contracting company. Their standard approach to residential electrical customer service includes free over the phone assistance and advice, as well as free estimates and a lifetime guarantee on all of their residential electrical work. Every job comes with a free home electrical safety inspection, allowing home owners to be aware of electrical problems before they become a danger to safety.

Elcon Electric is the right choice for your Fort Lauderdale electrician needs, because this established company operates with an entire fleet of service vehicles, ensuring prompt, high quality service. In addition to standard electrical service calls, this company is known for its quick response to emergency electrical problems, day or night. You may start out with residential or commercial electrical efficiency upgrades, but once you have the Elcon electrical service experience, you’ll want this company to handle all of your electrical needs, whether commercial or residential, standard electrical maintenance or emergency electrical repairs.

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