Florida Landscape Lighting Keeps More Than Just the Wildlife Out

Florida is known for its ecological beauty and diverse collection of wildlife. That’s wonderful if you’re a tourist. Those of us who live here are not amused when something long and scaly or four legged and furry comes wandering into our yard. Sometimes they’re just curious; other times they could be hungry. Nocturnal creatures tend to be the creepiest, until you shed some light on them. Elcon Electric is the West Palm Beach electrician that can keep your yard and pool area critter and reptile free, at least at night. Can they help you with that snake that’s sunning itself by the pool, though? No. He’s all yours. Call animal control.

The licensed and insured electrician West Palm Beach FL residents call most often for their landscape lighting needs is Elcon Electric. With over twenty years experience as an electrician in West Palm Beach FL, they have seen it all and heard it all. The snake in the yard, the alligator in the pool, the swamp cat or raccoon caught by the garbage, all of these are stories they’ve heard time and again. These animals rarely hurt anyone, but their presence can be disconcerting. Surprisingly, a little bit of light in the yard will often keep them away. Animals that do their foraging and hunting in the evening don’t like to be in the spotlight.

Of course, most homeowners don’t like to leave the lights on brightly shining all night long, and they certainly don’t want to pay the additional electric bill. An experienced West Palm Beach electrician, though, can solve that problem for you. Motion detectors can be attached to the lighting system so that the lights won’t go on unless there’s motion in the yard. These motion detectors can be set to make sure smaller animals don’t trigger them, such as domestic cats or smaller rodents. There’s a lot of wildlife running around in the dark outside your house at night, most of it just passing through. You don’t want landscape lights going on and off for every one of them. You’ll never get any sleep.

Catching the Human Intruder in the Spotlight

Not everything that sneaks into your yard at night walks on four legs or crawls on the ground. Humans are just as likely to come by searching for anything that’s not nailed down. For peace of mind, contact the electrician West Palm Beach FL calls most often to install landscape lights and wire security systems, Elcon Electric. Wildlife isn’t the only type of life you want to keep out of your yard at night. Your motion detector triggered landscape lighting may not scare a human thief away. The smart ones just wait for the lights to go off and then go about their business. The really smart ones know how to disable them, but they can’t do anything about a security alarm that goes off when they try to open a window or force open a door. Someone will hear it and the police will come.

Think about installing landscape lighting and a security system in your home. While you’re at it, ask A West Palm Beach electrician from Elcon Electric to give you an estimate on home automation. You’ll already have motion detectors. Check out remote access and voice activation to go along with it. The technology is available for both today and you know you want to have them in your home. The science fiction of yesterday has become the reality of today. The electricians in West Palm Beach FL who work for Elcon Electric stay on the cutting edge of new technology all the time. Call their offices today to learn more.