Competent Electrical Contractor for Your Generator Installation

When you are looking for a contractor to help you out with the installation of an emergency generator, it’s important to find an experienced and qualified South Florida electrical contractor. After all, you’ll want to feel reassured that you are properly prepared for any emergency weather, unforeseen outages or other situations that may require the use of a generator.

Any resident of Southern Florida, is all too familiar with the effects of devastating storms. Even though power outages may have become an almost routine occurrence for you and your family, a competent electrical contracting company such as Elcon Electric can help you install generators in Ft. Lauderdale, install generators in Miami and install generators in West Palm Beach so that you’ll remain safe and comfortable the next time you lose power. By hiring such a reliable electrical contractor for generator installation Miami, generator installation Fort Lauderdale, or generator installation West Palm Beach, you’ll have the peace of mind you deserve.

If you truly wish to maintain your safety and comfort while protecting your property and valuables, an emergency generator is the way to go. This can be particularly important during an extended power outage. An emergency generator will maintain power to your lights, essential appliances such as refrigerators and any other power outlets that you would like to remain powered. The team of skilled technicians at Elcon Electric specializes in generator installs, and is highly experienced in installing generators that are designed to fit your exact needs and situation.

Let Elcon Electric install your Miami Generator, Ft. Lauderdale Generator or West Palm Beach Generator

Whenever the team at Elcon Electric goes out on an installation job, there are a number of things that they will look at before beginning the installation of your generator. Much of this initial work can be done over the phone. They will begin by asking you a few questions to determine things such as the size of your home, how much you would like to be powered during an outage, and if there is any special equipment (medical, commercial etc.) in your building that requires special consideration. Next, they can provide you with an estimate to be followed up by a firm written bid once they have come to assess the full scope of the job.

Choosing the Best Generator for Your Needs

After making a full assessment of the job, Elcon Electric will make a generator recommendation. The size of your generator depends on many different factors, including the following:
• The size of your home or business
• If you need to power only essential appliances, or your entire home during an outage
• Whether or not you have any special devices, such as medical equipment or commercial equipment that requires emergency power
• How automated you’d like your system to be
Once Elcon Electric has determined your unique generator needs, they will help you select a generator that will provide all of the power that you need during an outage.

Installing Your Generator Miami FL, Generator Ft. Lauderdale, or Generator West Palm Beach

After helping you choose a generator for your home or business, Elcon Electric will determine the best installation site and then begin the installation. Depending on where they will be installing your generator, this often includes pouring a special concrete slab for your generator. Elcon Electric will handle every step of your Miami installation of generator, West Palm Beach installation of generator or Ft. Lauderdale installation of generator so that you do not have to worry about hiring any additional contractors to help complete the job.

Once they are finished, your generator will be fully operational and ready to go whenever it is that the next power outage hits. In most cases, your generator is connected to a control box that is then connected to your electrical panel. This control box is designed to detect whenever there is a loss of power, and automatically start your generator to ensure that you have as little power loss as possible. As soon as power from your utility company returns, the control box will shut off your emergency power. Your generator can be powered by natural gas, as well as many other fuel sources to make sure that you have sustained power through both short and long outages.

Best Bet – Have a Knowledgeable Electrical Contractor Install Your Generator

Elcon Electric takes pride in their experience and skill at providing top quality Miami generator installations, Ft. Lauderdale generator installations and West Palm Beach generator installations. As a top provider in the area, they maintain a high level of knowledge and experience in all of the latest generator technologies, so that they can always install the most up-to-date system that will provide you with consistent and long-lasting power during a power outage.
• Experienced Professionals – Always hire a professional team of electricians that is not only trained in the Miami installation of generators, Ft. Lauderdale installation of generators and West Palm Beach installation of generators, but also very experienced in this field as well as the electrical field. Elcon Electric continues to build on their installation, repair and troubleshooting skills. What does this mean for you? You get quick, professional, quality work at a reasonable price every time.
• Turnkey Installation – The ideal is turnkey installation of your generator. Elcon Electric will handle the entire job, starting with buying the generator, pouring any necessary slabs and performing the installation itself. This will save you time, energy and stress knowing that everything is taken care of.
• Guaranteed Work – Elcon Electric’s work always comes with a full guarantee, and they are committed to providing you with a complete and quality job the first time, every time.
• World Class Customer Service – Elcon Electric’s guarantee is that you will receive courteous, friendly customer service from start to finish. This starts from your first phone call to their office, to their convenient and punctual scheduling, and ends with a clean and complete generator installation.
• Customized Solutions – Elcon Electric is fully aware that each home, business or other building presents its own needs and challenges. Because of this, they will work with you to customize your generator installation so that it works perfectly for your needs. This will ensure that you are 100% covered for all of your needs during any outage.
• Be Prepared – Make sure that you are fully prepared for the next outage by calling Elcon Electric. They can help businesses and residents alike in Miami install generators, in Ft. Lauderdale install generators and in West Palm Beach install generators.
How does an emergency generator increase your safety and comfort?

There are many ways that you can benefit from having an emergency generator installed in your home and business. One of the major benefits is to your general peace of mind during a power outage. Storms can be dangerous, scary and uncertain. An emergency generator will ensure that your essential appliances such as lights, refrigerators and other important equipment receive power no matter what. Generators can also help you power any other important equipment that you may need to use during an outage.

If you have any questions, or would like to help you with your Ft. Lauderdale installation of generators, Miami installation of generators or West Palm Beach installation of generators, don’t hesitate to contact Elcon Electric today. They’ll look forward to hearing from you, regarding any questions or concerns that you may have about installing an emergency generator. One of their experienced technicians is ready to answer your questions, regardless of whether you are looking for a contractor to West Palm Beach install generator or Ft. Lauderdale install generator.

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