Your West Palm Beach Electrician Explains Florescent Lighting

Nearly everyone wants to find a way to save electricity. Not only will it reduce your energy consumption and make those utility bills lower, but it can help you become more “green” too. While turning off electronics that are not in use helps, and cutting back on the use of the AC or heater may be a good solution, there is one way you can cut back on energy that you will not even notice you are doing. Using florescent lights, instead of standard lamps or bulbs is one way to make a dramatic impact on your energy use without making things more difficult or uncomfortable.

Around 12 percent of the average household energy bill is from lighting use—according to a National Geographic article. For the average home, replacing the five most frequently used light fixtures with CFLs (florescent lights), saves around $65 per year just on energy consumption.

Not only will you save money because of expending less energy to light the bulb, you save money in two other ways as well. The bulbs often last 6 to 15 times longer than the average “standard” bulb. That means that even if you pay two or three times as much for the bulb, the savings over time in that way will add up too. Another savings is that CFL bulbs produce 75 percent less heat. This means that you will pay less for your cooling costs in summer too.

Understanding how CFLs can make a difference is important. Talk to your West Palm Beach electrician and find out if these bulbs may be a great solution to help you save money. If you need to talk to an electrician in West Palm Beach, the experts at Elcon Electric are always here and ready to help you develop an energy savings plan that may include the use of florescent lighting and other simple energy savings elements.