Your Electrician in Miami Explains Attic Fans

When you think of ways to keep cool in the summer, you probably mainly think about your air conditioner. However, there is another option—one that actually used to be more popular than it is now. An attic fan can provide whole-house cooling and may be a good solution for many households. Consider these three benefits to installing an attic fan in your house, then call your electrician Miami, Elcon Electric, and see about having one installed in your home.


  • Lower Temperatures All Day – Most people only think of using the attic fan at night. While this is when you will run the fan, it will provide residual benefits and keep your home cooler during the day too. This may mean that you use your air conditioner less, and in certain areas you may avoid using it all together.
  • Extend the Life of Your Roof – Did you realize that using an attic fan can make your roof last longer? It is true. An attic fan will reduce the moisture in your attic which can extend the life of your roof quite a bit. You cannot ignore this savings.
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint – Today, more than ever, many people want to be more energy efficient and live a green lifestyle. Using an attic fan, and reducing your air conditioner usage provides this benefit and will help you feel better about your contributions towards caring for our earth.

As you can see, an attic fan is a great cooling solution for many households. Consider utilizing a fan in your home and not only will you appreciate the cooler home, you will also have these other benefits too. Call the top electrician in Miami, Elcon Electric today and let one of our experts come out and give you an estimate for installing one of these fans in your home today.