Fort Lauderdale Electrician – Installing a Ceiling Fan

If you are a home improvement guru, or just a do it yourselfer who likes a challenge, one project you may consider taking on is installing a ceiling fan. Actually, this is something you could do yourself—if you have the right tools and a good background in electrical knowledge. However, after reading a bit more about what is involved, you may find that it is actually more economical and makes more sense to go ahead and hire a Fort Lauderdale electrician, such as Elcon Electric, to take care of the project for you.

Installation is actually quite complex. Before you can do anything else, you will have to first cut a hole in the ceiling where the fan will attach. Following the instructions included with the fan is very important at this point. After that, you will install a brace. This supports the weight of the fan and keeps it from falling.

At this point, the basic mechanics of the fan are attached. Nothing is being wired in at this point, the mechanical parts are attached, as per the fan’s included instructions.

After the fan is installed mechanically, the hard part is doing the electrical work. You may have to run wiring across the room in the ceiling to get the fan powered properly. Additionally, you must be careful about overloading the circuit panel. It can be very bad if you overload the panel—you could run the risk of tripping the breaker every time you turn on your new celling fan.

If you decide to take on ceiling fan installation, it is important you follow all instructions for installation very carefully. If you decide that the project is a bit much for you, call Elcon Electric—we are your number one choice for ceiling fan installation when you need to call an electrician in Fort Lauderdale.