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Everywhere you go, you will find tips about reducing the amount of electricity that you use. Even if you have implemented all of the suggestions, such as using CFL light bulbs and placing your equipment on power strips, how do you know that it is working? Electric meters are difficult to read, and your electrical bill only comes once a month, making it difficult to do any real tracking of your efforts. Ironically enough, there are a handful of useful electric devices that can help you track your energy consumption on a small scale. While these meters use a small amount of electricity, they can give you very useful data that can help you save far more than they consume.

Tracking A Single Outlet

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to calculate your energy consumption is with a simple electricity monitor. These monitors require no help from an electrician in West Palm Beach and can be plugged into the outlet that you want to monitor. Just plug the monitor into your outlet, and then plug the device that you want to track into that monitor. This monitor will show how much that device is using in kilowatt-hours, the same measure used by your utility company.

Tracking Your Whole House

After you have started tracking each individual device or outlet, you may be interested in tracking your whole home. There are a couple different systems that can help you measure your whole house consumption. These systems are wired to your circuit breaker and can display real-time energy usage down to the second. If you open your refrigerator door, for example, it will show the extra energy being used to power the light inside your fridge.

By knowing and tracking your energy usage, you are far more likely to make some of the simple changes that you need to make in order to use it more efficiently. For more help with these great monitoring devices, or with installing more energy-efficient components, call our team at Elcon Electric at any time. You can also read more at our website: www.electrician-westpalmbeach.com.

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