West Palm Beach Electrician Makes Case for Home Remodels

Are you bursting at the seams of your starter home? Should you sell your home or remodel? Elcon Electric, an electrical contractor in West Palm Beach FL offers some points to consider when making this decision.

Is This the Best Time to Sell?

Before you sign that listing contract, you may want to consider the following facts about the local real estate market.

  • Over 45% of homes sold in Palm Beach County recently have resulted in a loss
  • Home prices are expected to decline another 3% to 5% before bottoming out
  • There is a large inventory of foreclosed and distressed homes already on the market
  • The housing market in West Palm Beach is expected to hit the bottom prices within a year.
  • There is a full year of inventory currently on the market in West Palm Beach.

Remodeling May be the Answer

Over time, the market will return, but if you sell your home now you are locking in your loss. A remodel, however, can upgrade our home to meet your needs and bring your wiring up to code.

Even a do-it-yourself handyman will want to have a West Palm Beach electrician involved in the project from the beginning. You can get a homeowner’s permit for remodeling, but the county will require the electrical wiring to be installed by a licensed electrician. West Palm Beach building and electrical codes change periodically and you’ll need a professional who knows the latest requirements.

For example, nationally codes have changed to require ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) electrical breakers in rooms where water is present, such as kitchens, baths and hot tub or pool areas. This is an inexpensive upgrade that can be added throughout the house by any electrician in West Palm Beach.

If your home is older, than you may have two prong electrical outlets which can be a challenge when all of the appliances, like vacuum cleaners, now have three prongs. Some people think they can “modify” their outlets by simply replacing them with a three prong unit from the hardware store, but this is very dangerous if the wiring has not been changed to adapt to the additional power requirements.

Handy Electrical Upgrades

If you are already working with an electrician in West Palm Beach on an addition, you can probably get a better price on completing other electrical upgrades throughout the home at the same time. For example, you can have the electrician make certain your breaker box is sufficient for your current energy needs. You can get damaged and frayed wiring or broken outlets replaced at the same time.

An interior lighting upgrade can add a great deal of ambience to your home. Most living rooms have been built with no overhead light which can make the home seem dark. Make your den a delightful reading room with recessed ceiling lights. You can even use a dimmer system if you want to lower the lights while watching a movie or preparing a romantic dinner for two.

You can also improve the security and appearance of your home with exterior lighting. Whether you simply want a motion-detecting spotlight, a lovely Victorian English lamppost or lighting throughout the yard, you can get the look you want with help from an electrician. West Palm Beach is a beautiful place to live, and you can make your home even more beautiful with some basic electrical upgrades.

So, do you need to expand? Do your lights flicker off and on? Do you have to be careful not to plug in too many appliances at once? If so, then give Elcon Electric in West Palm Beach a call today and let them show you what they have to offer.

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