Electricians in West Palm Beach FL for Property Management Professionals: 8 Must-Haves for Great Service

If you’re like any other property management professional in Florida, you want quality electrical services at all times, whatever the electrical need. Still, how can you tell whether or not your local West Palm Beach electrician is doing the best job possible? We’ve been providing top-quality electrical service and repairs for property managers and homeowners for over 30 years in the West Palm Beach area. In that time, we’ve come to see more and more what our valued clients truly need, and we gladly attend to every single need they have. From experience, we’ve discovered there are eight top services that are imperative for your electrician in West Palm Beach FL to provide. Here’s a Must-Have list for property managers, and for your benefit:

1)    Your electrical contracting professional should always be easy to locate. Make sure that you can always reach someone live on the phone during regular business hours. Also, there should always be an afterhours or emergency contact person and phone number that you’re able to have access to at all times.

2)    In case of emergency, your electrical service and repair professional should handle things immediately. For instance: if your home, rental property, or corporate office loses its exterior lights at 10 p.m. on a weekend, you’ll want a trusted electrician available who will handle it immediately.  Even if it’s something that can be remedied easily, in many cases you’ll need a trained electrical contractor available to make sure it is indeed only as simple as switching on a circuit breaker. In other cases, things could be more serious (electrical wires are bare and require proper repair, etc.). Your local West Palm Beach electrician should have the appropriate resources in place to handle any electrical job—big or small.

3)    When you need an electrician in West Palm Beach, you should get your price quote in advance. Before any work begins, your West Palm Beach electrician should be able to provide you with an accurate price quote—in writing—once he’s done a professional electrical inspection. It should detail what’s included. For instance: if it’s a brand new electrical install, it would require new electrical fixtures, a full scale electrical rewiring or electrical panel upgrades, and so forth.

Let’s say something needs repair (an electrical outlet, for instance). He’ll need to charge you an hourly rate for electrical troubleshooting and diagnosis. The best electrical service professionals should be able to remedy the situation on the spot, or provide a written price quote within the hour’s time.

4)    You need to know you can count on an electrician—that he has enough sound judgment to be able to provide your property management company with fair, on-target pricing estimates. Let’s say a doorbell is defective at a rental property. You would think it’s a small fix, but don’t let the idea fool you! Your electrical contractor may need to search for a possible short, bare or loose electrical wiring, or even go into the walls to solve the electrical problem. It could be much more complex than it appears at first glance. You need to make sure your electrician is experienced and well-trained so that he’s able to give you a correct estimate before any work is done—you need to be able to make an informed decision for the type of electrical maintenance or electrical repairs you’ll need.

5)    Your West Palm Beach electrician should present himself professionally when he’s around your tenants. Your electrical contractor should be approachable, kind, and professional when dealing with your tenants or any other clients that you do business with. The electrician of your choice should also have the proper know-how for conversing with your tenants on a need-to-know basis only, keeping the chat minimal and professional, and not giving away any proprietary information. For instance, a professional electrician would say, “Your management company needs us to help you turn the power back on in your unit.” No one should be told things like: “If we weren’t here, the whole building would go up in flames!”

6)    Your electrical contractor should let you know exactly what’s going on and when the work is finished at all times. Once the electrical job is complete, the electrician should do a full and final sweep to make sure everything’s working properly, that the cleanup is thorough, and he also should let both you and your tenants know that the work has been completed.

7)    Your local electrician should always make sure to keep in good communication with you: it’s never too early to give you a heads-up. For example, you may ask your electrical service and repair professional to add an extra circuit for your computer. He may add it, and then realize your hallway is lacking a smoke detector. Or let’s say your tenants might inform him that the circuit breaker suddenly shuts down. Your electrician shouldn’t communicate with the tenant directly about this, but it is something that you should be made aware of immediately. Then, it’s up to you as to when you’ll need to schedule the proper electrical repairs. A professional electrician will know what to say, when to say it, and whom to say it to.

8)    Billing and financial updates should be correct, thorough, and timely. Your billing should be handled professionally from A to Z. No unexpected arrivals or missing information, and no delays or sporadic billing. The accounting involved should be honest, thorough, and detailed, providing you with all the information you expect: nothing more, nothing less. Your billing and paperwork needs to be as clear and self-explanatory as the electrical services are. You should receive straightforward and clear answers from a clear financial point of contact during regular office hours with no hemming and hawing. They should be able to field any and all of your questions.

If your trusted electrician in West Palm Beach FL is fully licensed, on-task and on-target with ETAs, scheduling, and estimates, transparent and honest regarding your rates, and affordable, make sure he also offers you all of these eight must-have benefits.  If he does, great! Make sure you keep his contact information available at all times or put him on speed dial: then you’ll be ready to make the call you need to whenever you have a need for electrical services or electrical repair of any kind.

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