Electric Car Charger Level 1 and Level 2 Explained by Miami Electrician

Are you tired of waiting 12 hours or more to charge your electric car at home? If you are like many others, when you bought your electric car, you bought the standard charging station. Maybe you are fortunate enough to have a station nearby your work where you can leave your car for several hours, but what do you do on the days you are off? How can you manage to keep up with life’s demands, like soccer practice, grocery shopping, and picking up the dry cleaning, if your car has to sit on the charger all day?

Your electrician in Miami is here to tell you there is an option. Elcon Electric can help you get your life back with a fully charged car by installing the EV charger you need to support an electric car charger that recharges your car in half the time.

One of the most common chargers out there is referred to as a Level 1 charger. This is the kind you can basically plug in anywhere. It only requires a 120 volt outlet, which is found in your garage or carport. This outlet should be dedicated solely to your car’s charger with no other items sharing the outlet. It is best to have a GFI outlet. Your Miami Electrician can explain more about this. However, this charger can take up to 20 hours to charge a car.

If you want something much faster, you will need a Level 2 charging station that fully charges the average car in about 8 hours. This will require an electrician to install a special 240 volt outlet. Depending on your current electric panel, your electrician may need to upgrade the panel in order to handle the power needs of the faster charger.

If you are tired of waiting a day for your car to be charged, call Elcon Electric today and we can discuss your electric car charger options.

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