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Electric Vehicles of West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is home to the wealthy and a favorite vacation destination for a lot of people. It is known to be one of the best residential cities in South Florida for its boisterous nightlife, high quality of living, highbrow shops, and entertainment centers. As such, is not rare to see electric vehicles drive […]

How Do Electric Vehicles Impact Electric Bills?

As electric vehicles (EVs) grow in use, lots of people have questions about the pros and the cons, and what makes them better than the internal combustion engine (ICE) car. There are a couple of differences between an EV and an ICE, but why should you opt for an EV instead? Is it better generally? […]

Maintenance for West Palm Beach EV Charger

West Palm Beach, a city in Florida, is known for its gorgeous beaches and scenery. Because of its nature, it is also a great place to own an electric vehicle. One thing to consider when purchasing an EV is whether you plan to have your own EV charger installed in your home, or if you’re […]