electric car charger

Florida Electrician Electric Car Charger Installed

The end of the year is a great time to buy a new car. There are always huge discounts on the almost last year models. If you have been thinking about buying an electric car, this is the time to do it. There are plenty of tax incentives and rebates that go along with electric […]

Level II Electric Car Charging Stations with West Palm Beach Electrician

You have made the decision to do something good for the environment while taking advantage of the cost savings of driving an electric car. It is nice not having to stop and fill up at the gas station several days a week. It saves you time, energy and most importantly—money! However, you may not be […]

New Shop Complete with Fort Lauderdale Electrician

If you have just had your brand new shop put up and are dreaming of all those projects you will start and hopefully complete in it, have you considered electricity? Pole buildings are quick and easy to put up, but they do not typically include electricity being run to the shop. That is something that […]