You Need a Bath Fan Explains Electrician in West Palm Beach

Hot showers are an excellent way to unwind after a long day or a great way to wake up and get motivated first thing in the morning. Bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side and when the steam from that hot shower is trapped in that small room, things get dicey. You have probably seen the mirror get fogged up, but do you know what all the moisture and condensation is doing to your floors and walls? It isn’t pretty and could end up costing you a great deal of money.

The condensation created from the high humidity in a bathroom leeches into the walls, the wood floor base and if the bathroom is carpeted it seeps into the carpet pad. This creates a moist environment, which mold loves. If you have seen mildew or mold in your bathroom, you will want to talk with your electrician in West Palm Beach. Elcon Electric staff is ready to help you take the necessary steps to reduce mold and mildew growth in your bathroom by installing a bath fan.

Bath fans pull the moist air out of the bathroom and ventilate it outside. This is crucial to keeping the moisture out of your walls and floors. Some people crack a window to help release some of the steam, but when it is cold out, it is unlikely anybody would do this.

Bath fans have come a long way with today’s advanced technology. You can ask your electrician to install a manual switch for turning the fan off and on or install a fan with a humidity detector. If you are unsure, talk with your electrician. West Palm Beach residents can rely on the fast and friendly service provided by Elcon Electric to take care of bath fan installation needs. Don’t let mold growth become a problem in your home, call today.