Which Electric Car Has The Longest Range?

electric vehicle Electric cars are the future because they are steadily taking over the present. A lot of drivers are glad to save up on fuel money and maintenance needs by driving an electric car. While these new vehicles continue to thrive in the market, there’s one factor that usually worries an EV driver. It is called ‘range anxiety’.

A typical scenario of range anxiety occurs when you are driving and then suddenly realize you are running low on charge. You might start to wonder if your beloved EV can move fast enough to get you to the nearest charging station without turning off. Yes, this can build quite the anxiety in any driver.

Thankfully, electric cars evolve like everything else and there are always better models with improvements on issues like range.
Studies show that Americans drive an average of 40 miles per day. This low number makes an EV with the shortest possible range practical for use- an example of such an EV is the Smart EQ ForTwo at 58 miles. However, no one wants to cut it that close. The perfect solution is to drive an EV that can go the longest distance. The best electric vehicles can go for 300 miles on a single charge but this may vary depending on how you drive, use of air conditioning, and more.

We have put together the electric cars with the longest range as of 2019. They are organized according to the official figures, but we also know that in real-life situations these official figures can turn out much lower, so there are two figures included.

  • Tesla Model S
    Official range is 393 miles. Real life range is 320 miles

    Tesla makes the sleekest and longest range of electric vehicles on the market. The Tesla Model S offers you the best range in this list and all the comfort and sophistication to go with it. If you need to conserve power with this vehicle, try driving at a steady 55mph. Charging is also super easy and convenient with Tesla’s supercharge network available in public.

  • Jaguar I-Pace
    Official range is 292 miles. Real life range is 253 miles.

    The official range is surprisingly close to the real-life range because this car was tested more accurately than most. The Jaguar I-Pace combines the sweet sleekness of Tesla models with the sporty performance and size associated with Jaguar vehicles. It can compete with Tesla Model X on any level and the purchase prices are high but not any higher than Tesla Models.

  • Kia eNiro
    Official range is 282 miles. Real life range is 253 miles.

    These vehicles are almost sold out. Drivers love it because of its practicality. The Kia eNiro has a similar range to a Tesla and Jaguar I-Pace but is strong and more spacious in relevant areas like the booth.

  • Tesla Model X
    Official range is 351 miles. Real life range is 233 miles.

    Yes, the real range is quite far from the official range but it remains a car with one of the longest range on this list. It is an expensive ride, but worth it.