How Long Does it Take to Get an Electrical Contractor License?

electrical contractor An electrical contractor license allows an electrician to operate as a business and employ other electricians. It also allows them to bid for jobs and obtain permits for larger electrical projects.

It takes a while to get an electrical contractor license because you have to complete the requirements first. We will explore the process and requirements for this license.

Step 1: Complete an apprenticeship as an electrician
This is the first step to become an electrician, specifically a journeyman electrician. A journeyman electrician is simply an electrician in training with the aim of becoming a master electrician. They learn all the basics of installing and repairing wiring. They also learn how to inspect electrical systems. An electrician must become familiar with building code regulations and electrical standards. An electrician in training will also learn to read blueprints. Some may even attend a technical school. This first step comprises between 500 and 1000 classroom hours, in addition to between 8000 and 10000 supervised practical training. After this time an exam is conducted before the electrician can be certified as a licensed journeyman electrician.

Step 2: Work to earn a Master Electrician License.
A journeyman electrician must work for at least two years under this license to be eligible to apply for a Master Electrician License. A Master Electrician License allows an electrician to pull permits, supervise other electricians, design electrical systems, and apply for an Electrical Contractor License.

Requirements for an Electrical Contractor License

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Have insurance with a reputable insurer
  • Work as a master electrician
  • Have a place of business
  • Be registered with the necessary boards in your state

Other requirements will depend on the electrician’s state. The license once applied for takes little time to be awarded as long as all the requirements are met. The license must be renewed on the renewal dates or it becomes void. Also, if the license is not used for a long period of time it can be revoked by the State.