Tesla Charger Installation South Florida Home

Tesla seems to be one of the most desired cars (electric cars) at the moment. While most people are up for contributing positively to the environment and economy, others are intrigued by the convenience, sleekness, and all-round awesome nature of Tesla vehicles. Hence, as more and more drivers join the Tesla drivers bandwagon each day, […]

Electric Vehicle History

About one hundred years ago, the fate of electric vehicles was debatable. Now, in recent times, they have made it clear they are here to stay. It is natural to wonder when this innovation was first created or how it was born. The history of electric vehicles is quite interesting. There is some confusion on […]

How to Charge a Tesla in an Apartment

Owning a Tesla seems great until you realize you live in an apartment and will be faced with home charging issues. Over a quarter of the United States population live in an apartment. This means they do not have the luxury of installing EV chargers in their garage and charging the vehicle overnight. In an […]

Tesla Charging: The Complete Guide

To enjoy your electric vehicle, you must become familiar with various accessible charging options. Tesla is unique because you get various options to choose from for your EV charging. In this article, we will walk you through all you need to know to charge effectively. Types of EV Chargers It might come as a surprise […]

Which Electric Car Has The Longest Range?

Electric cars are the future because they are steadily taking over the present. A lot of drivers are glad to save up on fuel money and maintenance needs by driving an electric car. While these new vehicles continue to thrive in the market, there’s one factor that usually worries an EV driver. It is called […]