West Palm Beach Electrician Tells Turtle Tale

Getting used to walking along the beach was not hard to do here in West Palm Beach. Not that Kansas was a bad place to spend a good portion of my life, but living near the ocean now was an amazing experience, full of all sorts of unknown territory. Everyday, I would encounter something new, and that made my walks have even more purpose than just avoiding all the projects requiring attention at my little beach cottage. Yesterday, I noticed a group of young kids sitting in a circle on the sand listening intently to a fellow who seemed to have a story to tell. Figuring they would never notice me eavesdropping, I stopped to see what was so interesting.

The young man’s shirt had his name on it, which was Troy, and a logo from a company called Elcon Electric. It was pretty obvious he was an electrician in West Palm Beach, but what was not so obvious was why he had the attention of all these kids. It did not take long for his talk to pull me right in as well. He was explaining how important it is to not confuse the sea turtles that nest on the beaches. When the babies hatch, they instinctively head to the brightest part of the sky. In an ideal situation that would be the moon, but in the world today it can mean the developed coastline. If the babies go the wrong direction it is deadly.

Even the mother turtles get disoriented with this light dilemma, and sometimes they cannot find their way back to the water. He added that he was there that morning, at a home nearby, replacing some outdoor lighting with sea turtle-safe lighting, a type of lighting that uses red or amber LED lights which are invisible to the turtles. The same turtles often return to the same beach, and of course, they have no vote in the coastal development. Because of that, conservationists go so far as to relocate many to special nurseries. Other beach areas have strict rules about lighting, and that is where a West Palm Beach electrician can help.

The kids really enjoyed the talk by the electrician in West Palm Beach; many of them had seen nests, and also witnessed babies hatching. When the group disbanded, Troy noticed me standing there and smiled. “Wow, that was an important tale to tell,” I said. This very knowledgeable West Palm Beach electrician nodded and thanked me for my interest. I mentioned that running into him was quite timely. Just that morning I had googled “electrician West Palm Beach” to find a licensed West Palm Beach electrician here locally. I had not yet followed through on my list of companies. He took the reins and called his electrical contracting office staff at Elcon Electric right there on the spot, and we made an appointment for the next day.

Now, my beach cottage has had a total electrical upgrade. My new friend, one of the best electricians in West Palm Beach, showed up on time the next morning with all his electrical tools in tow. Along with installing a whole house surge protector, having two ceiling fans installed, replacing several outlets and installing some great interior custom lighting, we made sure all my outdoor lighting was turtle-safe. He also treated me to a neat little book about keeping turtles safer. Back in Kansas, not the electricians or I had ever considered there was a relationship between turtles and electricity. What an impressive tale to tell the next time I head back for a visit.



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