Upgrading the Electric Panel by West Palm Beach Electrician

elcon_08_3 Some of the mid-century homes around the south Florida area are quite attractive. They have a certain appeal that brings people from all over the country. Retirees and those looking to live in a more tropical environment are flocking to the area and buying up those houses. It is quite trendy. However, one of the things that isn’t so trendy is the old wiring and electric panels that go along with it. In this day and age, we need more electricity. We demand more electricity to keep up with our busy lives and need to stay connected. An electrician in West Palm Beach can help make the perfect home a little more compatible with your lifestyle by upgrading the electric panel. At Elcon Electric, we understand the desire to leave the heart and soul of these mid-century homes as is, with some minor, subtle upgrades.

Upgrading an electric panel will do nothing to change the aesthetics of the home. The panels look the same, but are capable of processing quite a bit more electricity. The older panels from 30 to 50 years ago were typically meant for 100-amp service. Back then that was more than enough. In today’s world, the building standards have changed and homes are being built with 200-amp service or more. This gives you plenty of breakers to power the various outlets and large appliances you will have in the home explains a West Palm Beach electrician.

If you are not sure what your electric panel is, call an electrician. West Palm Beach homeowners will get the dirty details about their existing panel with a quick inspection. From there, you can choose to upgrade to a newer, safer panel that will give you the extra electricity you need to keep up with the modern world. Give Elcon Electric a call today and schedule your electric panel inspection to see what you are dealing with.