Upgrading a Panel Box in 2018

miami panel upgrade Owning a home – it’s a great adventure. You have your own space to do what you will with. Unfortunately, that also means you have to fix things yourself when they stop working. When the electrical in your home starts acting up, it might be hard to figure out what exactly it is that’s going wrong. Calling a professional electrician to troubleshoot the issues might be the best bet.

Many electrical problems can be solved by looking at your breaker panel. If you think of your home as a body, your breaker panel is the heart pumping the blood (electricity) throughout your home. It allows all the outside electricity to power everything in your home. If you take a walk around your house, you’ll usually find it located somewhere on the outside.

There are probably months or even year that go by that you don’t even think about your electrical panel. However, a time may come when your panel needs to be replaced or upgraded. There are a couple of different reasons this may be true.

Newer electrical panels usually last from 25 to 40 years but sometimes they might need to be upgraded or replaced sooner. Here’s are some scenarios in which you may need to upgrade or replace your current panel.

  • If you look inside your electrical panel and find fuses instead of breakers, it may be time to upgrade. Fuses were used in homes built before 1960. Since then, technology has changed and might be too much for fuses to handle. Circuit breakers are superior to fuses as they can trip when overloaded – fuses may cause fires when they become overloaded.
  • Older homes may need an upgrade due to technological changes and the load put on the panel. Many older panels only use 60 to 100 amps while newer homes are being built with 200 amp panels. Electrical needs today are greater than ever before with HDTVs, smart appliances, and computers.
  • If you are noticing odd smells, warmth, or frequent tripping, it may be time for an upgrade or replacement. These are all signs that your panel could be overloaded, wired wrong, or not properly connected. Call a professional electrician to come out and assess your situation. They will help you determine if you need a new panel or not.

If you find yourself needing a new panel, please contact an electrician and don’t try to do it yourself. Certified electricians have the proper training to upgrade your electrical panel with ease. They can help you with all the permits and materials. Not knowing what you’re doing could cause shock or a fire.

Elcon Electric has been providing the citizens of Miami with professional electrical services and advice for over 25 years. Our electricians are professionally trained and can provide electrical panel upgrades all around town. Please contact us today if you are in need of any electrical work.