Panel Upgrade

How Much Electricity Does Pool Equipment Use?

You may be looking to install a swimming pool in your place either for personal or commercial purposes. So, we have compiled a detailed list of all the common equipment a pool uses as well as the amount of electricity it uses to give you an insight into what you to expect. Will a Swimming […]

What Is A Sub Panel Used For?

All You Need To Know About A Sub Panel Are you an electricity enthusiast who likes to fix electric items in your home or a budding electrical contractor that is wondering what a sub-panel is? Then you are in the right place! In this article, you will learn about the types of electrical panels, what […]

What Is A Main Panel Upgrade?

Electrical power comes into your home from the power line but is distributed to the various circuits from the main panel. The main panel serves your home for years but is hardly invincible. Soon you may need to consider a main panel upgrade. Learn all there is to know about this significant project in this […]

Professional Electrical Panel Replacement

When your electrical panel serves you so well, it’s easy to forget it’s not an invincible system. There might come a time when a panel replacement will become necessary, and it’s important to use a professional electrical contractor. Signs you may need an electrical panel replacement Repeatedly tripping or failing circuit breakers A functional circuit […]

Do I need a 200 Amp service?

Whether you need to upgrade to a higher electrical service or not depends on a number of factors. In most cases, you should take the initiative and upgrade to a higher electrical panel. By doing this, you can save yourself the trouble of having to do it later on and probably not in the best […]