Tethered Untethered EV Charger? Fort Lauderdale Electrician Chimes In

tesla vehicle parked in front of wall charger mounted on side of home If purchasing a new EV is a plan for you, or you got one already, then you are probably wondering what kind of home charging station you should install. It may be overwhelming trying to decide between a tethered and an untethered EV charger.

In this article, we’ll discuss both kinds of EV chargers, their pros and cons and which may be best for you.

Tethered EV Charger

You already have an idea what tethered means – simply that it has a cable attached to the part that gets plugged into the car.

These are much more convenient because there is already a permanently attached cable and you do not have to go searching and attaching yourself. All you have to do when you need to charge your car is park close to the box, unwind and plug it in easily.

When it comes to the tethered charger, its length varies depending on its manufacturer. Generally, its length ranges between 4 meters to 8 meters, and it could either be a Type 1 or 2 EV cable.

Pros of a Tethered EV Charger

  • It is convenient; you can easily get home and plug the cable in without hassles.
  • It can be stored safely back into its unit, and thus prevents anyone from tripping over the cable and getting injured.
  • Saves cost since you will not need to buy an extra EV cable.

Cons of a Tethered EV Charger

  • Lack of flexibility with the cable lengths since its permanently attached
  • May cost more in the long run when you need more cable length and have to upgrade to a cable that is longer
  • Limitations with Types, because you can either get a Type 1 or a Type 2, so you have to be certain the type you go for fits
  • Presence of cable may make the place seem untidy

Untethered EV Charger

The untethered EV charger is different, and is just a socket. It does not come with a permanently attached cable which means you will need to get your own cable and then when you need to charge, connect the cable to both the socket on one side, and your car on the other side. You have to do the reverse when you’re done charging too.

This means that you may incur more cost and you may even lose your cable quite easily since it’s not attached to the socket.

Pros of an Untethered Charger

  • Keeps the space tidy with no cables hanging around
  • You are not limited by length and can choose the length of the cable you go for.
  • You get to easily upgrade plug configuration if you ever need to.
  • Much more flexible which means you get to charge both a Type 1 and 2 EV

Cons of an Untethered Charger

  • Not as convenient since you have to take out the cable and connect to both sides yourself
  • May cost more because you have to purchase your own cable
  • The cable can easily get damaged because of the constant move

Whatever your choice, Elcon Electric will be delighted to carry out your EV home charging installation for you. Do not hesitate to give us a call and book an appointment now!