Tesla Charger Installation South Florida Home

south florida tesla charging Tesla seems to be one of the most desired cars (electric cars) at the moment. While most people are up for contributing positively to the environment and economy, others are intrigued by the convenience, sleekness, and all-round awesome nature of Tesla vehicles. Hence, as more and more drivers join the Tesla drivers bandwagon each day, so do other professionals like electricians who have a role to play in a Tesla driver’s experience.

As with all electric cars, Tesla needs power to work. This brings drivers to the issue of charging at home and in public. Charging in public is quite straightforward. Drivers have to know where a public charging spot is and head there to use it at certain costs. This public charging is helpful but hardly sufficient for a driver. This is why most homes opt to install a Tesla charger. South Florida homes are not left out of this.

How home charging works?

Home charging can work in three ways. The first is the level 1 charging option which involves using a 120 volts plug. This plug is easily found in most South Florida homes and so does not need to be installed. The 120 volts charging works well if you have all day to charge your car from low battery to full. Otherwise, if you need hourly top-ups, this slow charging can hardly be useful. When you go for this level 1 charging option no additional electrical work is needed because it comes standard with your new EV.

Second is the level 2 charge which uses up to 240 volts. This plug is similar to that used by power demanding appliances in the home. This charger comes standard with the Tesla as well but requires an electrician that is Tesla certified to install a 240-volt circuit as close as possible to the car. This is the most commonly used option as it is faster and more convenient.

The third choice is described as a Tesla supercharger. These chargers can fill your battery in an hour. This charger is a direct current (DC) requiring a specific vehicle port. This is hardly installed at home despite its benefits because of the cost and power it requires. Superchargers are available via Tesla navigation scene.

The primary benefit of installing a Tesla charger at home is to guarantee a safe and reliable charge.

Who should install a Tesla charger?

Some Tesla drivers may attempt to install Tesla chargers themselves but this is dangerous. A certified Tesla electrician should install a Tesla charger in a South Florida home. The electrician will put their experience to good use to safely install your EV charger within the bounds of the law. When installing there a few things to consider such as length of the cord. A longer cord is better to reach anywhere in a standard size garage. You should also consider if you want installations that are permanently attached to the wall or those that are removable so it’s easy to carry them along when you move.