How to Prepare Your Electrical System for a Hurricane in 2019

hurricane prepared Hurricanes can be devastating. They swoop in to destroy property, sometimes claim lives, and disrupt the regular day-to-day activities. It always helps to be prepared for a time like this. Your electrical system is vital, especially during the hurricane. But it can easily be cut off and damaged as well.

Here are the top ways to prepare your electrical system for the next storm:

Install GFCI outlets

GFCI outlets are indispensable in the home even when there’s no flood to be expected. When a ground fault suddenly occurs, it is these outlets that break the circuit to prevent damage to your electrical system and hazard. GFCI outlets are also useful for using a portable emergency generator. The outlets make this generator safe to use after a storm.

Surge protection

Power surges are very common after a storm. They occur because of possible damage to the electrical grid infrastructure. If your home is not protected these surges can damage your electrical system and appliances. Installing a whole-house surge protector now, helps you prepare and protect yourself from this. It can also save you time and the money that would needed to replace your damaged items.

Standard wiring

Depending on where you live, there are codes for your electrical wiring. If your electrician has done a good job to make sure your wiring is up to code, you are good to go. Those who stay in flood areas need to take extra precautions to eradicate anything in their electrical system that can easily become a hazard. For example, wiring like Romex or nonmetallic wiring is unsafe for homes within hit areas. This type of wiring is often found in homes and commercial building but it contains paper. This paper can easily become soaked and damage the wiring.

Call an electrician

You can call an electrician when the hurricane season is close by. The electrician will help you identify all the weaknesses in your system and the best solutions to fix them. At Elcon Electric, we know too well how damaging and unsettling hurricanes can be. We can provide installation, inspection, repair, or replacement services to help you stay on top of things.

Last-minute hurricane tip – Ensure ALL your electronics or devices are fully charged.

Also, after a storm or hurricane passes, don’t try to use electricity immediately. Call an electrical technician to confirm that your system is safe.