How to Charge a Tesla in an Apartment

charging a tesla in apartment Owning a Tesla seems great until you realize you live in an apartment and will be faced with home charging issues. Over a quarter of the United States population live in an apartment. This means they do not have the luxury of installing EV chargers in their garage and charging the vehicle overnight.

In an apartment, installing an EV charger requires the permission of your landlord and a possible major upgrade to the apartment’s electrical system. It can be almost impossible to find a suitable solution to apartment EV charging. However, you can always trust us to make sure you can live out your dream of owning a Tesla. Here are some solutions to try.

Apartment management
With the growing number of electric vehicles on the roads, more and more apartment managers are taking EV charging into consideration. If you are lucky, your apartment manager might have an EV installed for other residents, which makes it easier for you to get yours. Simply put forward the matter and hear what they say about it. It’s important to know that not all apartment management will be willing to foot the bills for this installation. So, you must prepare to pay for the installation yourself and continually pay the electric bills that follow.

Identify public charging areas
Regardless of if you have a charger at home, knowing the closest public charging spots or those along your route is always a good idea. Maximize your use of these public spots to make charging at home easier or even unnecessary. Tesla provides software that shows the location of all public charging facilities in your area.

Search the market
The stress and inconvenience associated with apartment EV charging have been a worrying issue for a long time. Several companies now provide reliable EV charging solutions to apartments. Some of these companies allow you to enjoy low fees on charging.