New Shop Complete with Fort Lauderdale Electrician

If you have just had your brand new shop put up and are dreaming of all those projects you will start and hopefully complete in it, have you considered electricity? Pole buildings are quick and easy to put up, but they do not typically include electricity being run to the shop. That is something that will need to be contracted out to an electrician in Fort Lauderdale. If you are not sure who to call, you can count on the team at Elcon Electric to get your shop powered and ready for you to start on all those projects you have in mind.

Your new shop will need to have electric run from the main power supply at the street or from your home’s electric panel. This will depend on how much electricity you need in the shop. If you are planning on using a lot of equipment, it is a good idea to have a panel dedicated to your shop. If the shop is relatively small and won’t have more than a couple of outlets and a standard light fixture, you may be able to use your home’s existing panel. This is something you will need to discuss with your Fort Lauderdale electrician.

During the consultation, you can discuss how many outlets you need and whether you will need a 240-volt outlet installed. If you have an electric car with a Level II charger, you will need this particular outlet. Your electrician will install the outlets where you desire. If you have a workbench, outlets placed waist high are always helpful. Lighting for the shop is your next choice. Do you want a single fixture or several placed around the shop for the best lighting? A new shop is an exciting thing. Make it complete with electric and give Elcon Electric a call today to schedule your initial consultation.