Safe Live Tree Decorating Tips by Florida Electrician

Photo of a Wire Stripper and Electrical Related Items

Although many people around the world envision Florida residents decorating a palm tree for the holidays, that isn’t exactly accurate. There are plenty of places to pick up a beautiful, live tree to festively decorate in the spirit of the season. Holidays are such a busy time of year and sometimes, things like safety are pushed to the back burner in favor of enjoying the season. Don’t let this holiday be one you remember because of some horrible fire. These tips provided by an electrician in Florida will allow you to enjoy your real tree without worrying about whether it is a fire hazard. Give Elcon Electric a call if you have more questions.

1. Don’t put your tree anywhere near a heat source, even if you will only use the heater on occasion. The trees will dry out fast and pine needles are prone to burst into flames with very little heat.
2. Keep your live tree well-watered. Check it daily.
3. LED lights are an excellent option for live trees because they don’t get nearly as warm as the older lights.
4. Don’t string more than three sets of lights together explains a Florida electrician. You increase the risk of overloading the circuit and potentially creating a spark that could send your tree up in flames. You will know the outlet is overloaded if it regularly trips.
5. If you are using extension cords, practice good electrical safety and keep the cords out of pathways. They could become a tripping hazard. Repeated traffic over a cord may wear it down and cause the wires to fray.

Live trees are a special treat and a tradition for many families. If you are insistent upon using a live tree this season, follow these safety tips to ensure you holiday is safe and merry. If you have any electrical problems or are concerned by a tripping breaker, give Elcon Electric a call today.