Electrical Issues Caused By Storm Surges

We have all experienced a storm at one point or the other. These atmospheric disturbances are usually accompanied by strong winds, thunder booms and lightning flashes. Lightning flashes are strong electrical currents discharged as a result of a collision between equally charged regions in the atmospheres. With the increased use of electrical appliances in our […]

How to Correctly Wire a 120/240 Volt Receptacle for Electric Range

An electric range (stove) is one of the few power-hungry appliances in the home. You can’t plug them into a 120V outlet which is most common in homes. An electric range requires a 120/240 volt outlet to heat up its elements and work efficiently. It uses the 120-volt circuit in the same way other household […]

Southern Florida Electrician for Electrical Repairs

Hurricanes, tropical storms and flooding are nothing new for the area, but the aftermath is always difficult to manage. Even if your home was only moderately damaged, you may need to have the electrical checked out to make sure all is safe and water damage didn’t cause any serious hazards. When it comes to electricity, […]

7 Warning Signs of Electrical Problems by Florida Electrician

We have all been trained from an early age that electricity can be extremely dangerous. It is dangerous when not correctly managed, but perfectly safe the majority of the time. We are so accustomed to using and being around electricity, we often don’t even realize it is anything dangerous. We plug something in, our appliance […]