Miami FL Electrician Helps Customers Reduce Energy Consumption

There’s a lot of talk in the news today about going green, but some of the systems proposed are much too costly for most homeowners and businesses to incorporate. Many involve scrapping current systems in order to convert to an alternative energy source. But Elcon Electric of Florida, a licensed and local Miami electrician, believes electricity is the best clean energy source and they are passionate about providing services which help customers to maximize the benefits of electricity while reducing energy consumption.

Reduce Energy with a Lighting Retrofit — Call a Local Miami Electrician

Did you know that lighting can account for almost 40% of your total electrical costs? How would you like to cut that cost 30% to 60%? It’s entirely possible if you work with an electrician in Miami FL that specializes in lighting retrofits. A retrofit involves replacing components in your existing system with newer, energy efficient components. This is much cheaper than replacing the entire system yet allows you to benefit from advanced technology resulting in significant savings. In fact, many of Elcon Electric’s customers have not only recovered the cost of the retrofit within the first two years, but have enjoyed long-term savings from reduced consumption.

Additional energy savings can be accomplished through a reduction in wattage and the hours during which the lights are in operation. However, this does not mean you have to sacrifice effective light or safety. For example, Elcon Electric replaced metal halide 150 watt lights in a customer’s parking garage with 2 lamp T8 fluorescent 58 watt bulbs. The result was a significant decrease in electricity consumption yet the fluorescent lighting actually created a visibly brighter and safer environment.

Timers and dimmers can also be installed on inside security lighting to maintain security while decreasing costs. Using brighter lighting at a reduced cost also reduces your company’s liability in terms of employee and customer safety. And when you improve lighting inside your business you provide a healthier atmosphere for the workforce. Let an electrician from Miami inspect your property and design an energy efficiency proposal that meets your needs while saving money.

Additional Lighting Energy Saving Resources

Your Miami electrician can also install lighting panels which allow light intensity to change based upon a pre-determined schedule or other adjustments. Lights can be scheduled to go on and off at predetermined times and exterior signs can be set to display during evening hours when traffic is highest and then go off later when visibility is less effective. Sensors and motion detectors can be installed in bathrooms, store rooms and other areas that are used less frequently so lights will only remain on when the room is in use. Programmable thermostats can reduce HVAC costs as well.

The type of light bulb used also impacts the amount of energy consumption. Energy efficient models may cost a bit more initially but last several times longer than the old incandescent ones. If you search on the Internet for electrician Miami you’ll easily find Elcon Electric, and they can recommend options for both exterior and interior applications.

Lighting plays a significant role in the appearance and atmosphere of a home or business. You can give your facility a brighter, newer look with enhanced lighting systems. By employing an electrician from Miami that specializes in lighting retrofits and other green options you can easily recoup the installation expense through cost reductions. Elcon Electric, your trusted Miami electrician, can help you out with all your lighting and electrical needs.


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