Your Miami Electrician Explains – What Are Peak Energy Times?

Because of the way that energy costs fluctuate as a result of demand, you can often save money and help the environment by simply running your large appliances whenever other people are not doing the same. Depending on where you live and the season, these peak energy times will vary. As a rule, however, you are better off running your appliances either late at night or in the early morning, whenever the demand on your electric grid is much lower.


Why does Energy Peak?


In most of the United States, use of electricity is at its highest on summer afternoons during the week. This is, as a result, the worst time to use your large appliances. In most areas, the biggest driver of electric peaks is air conditioning. Because of increased temperatures during the summer, and people turning down the temperature when they return home from work, it is to be expected that electric usage goes up significantly during this time. Although heating homes can also lead to an increase in electrical consumption, most homes use natural gas rather than electric to provide heat.


Why Does It Cost More?


During peak electric times, many electrical utility companies will utilize older, less efficient power plants that run only whenever there is an increase in demand. Because these facilities cost more to operate, the electric utility passes this cost onto your electric bill. Because of this, it makes sense for all consumers to attempt to use less electricity during this time.


Some great ways to reduce your electrical usage during peak times include installing LED lights and using a programmable thermostat. If you do not already have these smart electrical upgrades in your home, give Elcon Electric, your electrician in Miami a call. You can also browse our website, to learn more ways to reduce your energy usage.