Miami Electrician Installs Landscape Lighting for Christmas

Though Miami, Florida is located near the equator, where sunshine and warm weather abounds, a Miami electrical contracting company by the name of Elcon Electric still works diligently to install landscape lighting that will inspire the people of Miami during the Christmas season. It doesn’t matter where you live, holiday lights make the Christmas season even more fun and inspiring.

Without the theatrics of snowy weather to spice up holiday landscape lights, an electrician in Miami FL has to be especially creative to achieve the right effect.

But this particular Miami electrician advertises himself as The Christmas Electrician Miami FL while he is doing an electrical service call or electrical safety assessments for Elcon Electric. An eye for detail and an appreciation for the decorative and dramatic effects that can be achieved using custom lighting designs is what makes the Christmas Electrician unique in Miami and throughout the United States. It is uncommon to find an electrician who is skilled at coming up with home lighting designs at all, let alone one who possesses both design and innovation capabilities.

“There’s a real technique to decorating palm trees properly,” says The Christmas Electrician. “They just aren’t the same as evergreen trees when it comes to Christmas landscape lighting.” The Christmas Electrician (as he likes to be called), grew up in Montana where the winters were frigid and the lighting is scarce during the Christmas season. He honed his skills and developed an eye for outdoor lighting in Montana and then, in his mid-twenties moved to Miami, Florida where he took a position with Elcon Electric, mainly doing home electrical rewires.
“They could tell that I was a talented Miami electrician, but I had to wait and prove myself before I was really able to get out there and show them what I could do.” The Christmas Electrician has done everything from attic fan installations, to cloth wire replacement. He completely understands electricity, as well as the nuances and subtleties of lighting design. But what makes The Christmas Electrician particularly unusual is his ability to work with people. He is a people person, and even as we chat while he is gathering supplies and getting ready for a day of installing new electrical outlets, he gives me the feeling that I have his full and undivided attention.
“I always see the possibilities when it comes to a home’s outdoor lighting and landscape lighting.” says the Christmas Electrician as he gets his truck ready for the day. “Thinking about how cool a house could look with the right outdoor lighting is part of what makes my work fun for me.” As I talk with this electrician, I have to make note of how pleasurable it is to talk with professionals who truly enjoy what they do and get excited about their electrical work. There’s certainly more than one electrician in Miami, and often those people who work in the electrical contracting industry have trouble finding pleasure in the work they do day after day. The enjoyment this man finds in his electrical work, though, makes my role in it more fun as well. As we stand outside by his truck, the shadows stretch out long in the cool early morning sunlight, promising another beautiful day in Miami, Florida, and I feel rest assured because of his positive outlook.

This unusual electrician in Miami has made Elcon Electric of Miami, Florida famous for providing superb outdoor lighting and landscaping lighting ideas and options to its clients. As far as residential electricians are concerned, those who work for Elcon Electric have really made a name for themselves in terms of creativity and innovations. Finding a great Miami electrician is hard to do, and finding one that has “people” skills is even more difficult. If you want an electrician in Miami who actually cares about the way the final product looks and is willing to work with you to come up with innovative ways to make lighting and electrical projects take shape in your home, you know who to call.   You be able to find us easily on the Internet by doing a quick search for electrician Miami, and you’ll be glad that you did!


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