Parking Lot Light Maintenance Issues Addressed by West Palm Beach Electrician

As a business owner or manager, your responsibility for customer and employee safety is probably at the top of your list of priorities. You will be very aware of the company’s bottom line number as well. Parking lot lighting is something that can impact both of these priorities. Adequate lighting is a safety issue and can result in lost revenue if the lighting gives the impression the business is closed or unsafe to approach. An electrician in West Palm Beach can ensure your parking lot is well-lit and inviting.

Flickering or Burnt Out Bulbs

If you notice any lights that are completely out or are flickering, you need to schedule an appointment. A ballast is faulty may be causing the issue or it may simply be a lamp that needs replacement. Because of the difficulty in reaching the lights, you will need a professional with the proper equipment to handle the job. Elcon Electric has a bucket truck and can take care of your parking lot light needs in a timely manner.

Damaged Covers/Lenses

After a strong storm, you may find some lights on your building and lights in the parking lot are in need of repair. Shattered lenses are not uncommon after a severe storm. This can pose a safety issue and will need to be replaced by your West Palm Beach electrician.

Automatic Timers

Nightfall and daylight hours are constantly changing and you will need to keep up on your automatic timer settings. Because you will likely have some lights that remain on constantly and other lights that are only on during business hours, you will want somebody who knows how to set the timers correctly to regularly adjust the settings. Special business hours or holiday closures can be addressed during the programming or manually overridden. Give Elcon Electric a call to discuss your parking lot light situation.