Electrician Miami Experts Offering Service You Can Count On

It can be hard to know who to trust when you live in a big city, something that can make it hard to choose an electrician in Miami. You’ll want to hire an electrical contracting company that works hard to earn your trust, and one that makes you feel as though you are valued and respected. They should offer a wide selection of residential and commercial electrical services at fair prices. Look for a reputation that’s excellent, and standards of customer service that are hard to beat.

We all know what it’s like to take off from work wait on a service tech that never arrives, and we also know just how frustrating that can be. If you schedule a service call with a Miami service technician and it turns out that electrician arrives late, the electrician should really give you a free service call for the inconvenience they created. It’s that simple. Besides this, all electrical work should come with a lifetime guarantee, and their goal should be to deliver excellence with each and every job.

At Elcon electric, your licensed and insured electrical contractor, we provide a free home electrical safety inspection along with every job. Once we put our hands on your electrical system, your safety becomes our primary priority. Electrical failures can be more than inconvenient. There are some failures and symptoms that can be outright dangerous, resulting in property damage and worse. We prefer to take a look and make sure things are safe before we call your job done.

We offer regular discounts and specials, because we want it to be easy for you to be able to get the maintenance and repair that your electrical system is going to need to be as safe as it should be and to last as long as it was designed to. Make sure that you remember to ask about those discounts when you call to make an appointment for service. We offer affordable electrical upgrades, and it is our pleasure to discuss ways of making your system more cost effective.