Beat the Heat with Tips From Electrician in Miami

Are you ready for a hot summer? All winter we look forward to the warm days of summer, until about July when we beg for a break from the heat. Some days, the heat of the outside invades our homes, leaving us muggy, sweaty and uncomfortable. Air conditioning is great, but can be expensive to run 24-hours a day.

We know you want to stay cool without completely breaking the bank. Your electrician in Miami has some tips to help you beat the heat this summer.


Oscillating fans and ceiling fans are one way to keep the air moving in your home or office. The light breeze goes a long way to making you feel cooler. It also helps circulate the air and keeps it from becoming stagnant, which makes a room feel hotter. Using a fan to keep the air moving will also take some pressure off the overworked air conditioning unit. If you do not currently have a ceiling fan and are interested in having one installed, call an electrician. Miami residents can rely on Elcon Electric to get them set up for summer with a ceiling fan installation.

Close the Blinds

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is crucial you block out as much of the sun’s hot rays as possible. Close the curtains and blinds and pull the shades down early in the morning. You may be sitting in a dark room, but it will be much cooler. A great deal of heat is generated through the window panes.

These are just a couple of things you can do to stay cool in the upcoming summer months. These tips will also help save you money on your electric bill by reducing the demand on your air conditioner. If you would like to learn more about ceiling fan installation, please call Elcon Electric. Our staff would love to talk with you and get you set up with an appointment before the full force of summer hits.