Lighting Upgrades Reenergize Your Home Says Fort Lauderdale Electrician

Sprucing up your home with a fresh coat of pain, new furniture or new carpet can go a long way to making it look and feel new. These are pretty big jobs and can be spendy, but in the end, you can feel confident in the investment you have put back into your home. There is another way to breathe new life into your home—interior lighting upgrades.

An electrician in Fort Lauderdale can help you rejuvenate your home and actually make it more energy efficient with new lighting throughout. Elcon Electric has the staff on hand to help make this happen. Bathrooms can be brightened up with recessed lighting or an attractive light bar over the mirror area. A dimmer switch can be installed as well that will give you the freedom to create a brightly-lit space appropriate for applying makeup or a dim, cozy space that adds a restful ambiance to a warm bath after a long day.

Dark hallways can also benefit from recessed lighting being added. Typically, most hallways only have one light in the middle and either end is left in shadows. You can fix this with the help of a Ft Lauderdale electrician.

Kitchens are a vital space in the home and deserve a great deal of attention to detail when it comes to lighting because it is often the hub of the house. You have several choices to choose from when picking the perfect lighting for your kitchen. Recessed lighting is a popular option as is track lighting. It is important to have a well-lit counter workspace to avoid any accidents. Track lighting gives you the freedom to direct lights where you need it most. Under-the-counter LED lighting is yet another option and can brighten up dingy corners.

If you would like to invigorate your home, give Elcon Electric a call today.

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