GFI Outlets Save Lives Says Miami Electrician

If you live in a house built in the last 10 years or so, you have probably noticed outlets that don’t quite look the same as the rest. This new-style of outlets are called GFI outlets and have two small buttons in the center. They are designed to be safer in areas where there is a strong likelihood of water coming in to contact with a person using an electrical device. They are typically required in bathrooms and kitchen areas.

Older homes will likely have the old standard outlets. It doesn’t take much to upgrade to the safer GFI outlets. Your electrician in Miami can take care of this for you with very little hassle. This is a job you can count on Elcon Electric completing for you in a professional and timely manner.

If you are unsure why you need a GFI outlet upgrade, read on. These specially-designed outlets are created to cut power the millisecond the electrical current is interrupted. If you are using a blowdryer or some other electrical device and it accidentally comes into contact with water, it is a recipe for disaster. If an appliance falls into the kitchen sink while you are doing dishes, you probably already know there is a very strong possibility you will be electrocuted.

This happens when the electrical current running into the appliance gets interrupted by the water and takes a trip into your body with no way of stopping it unless the breaker trips or somebody unplugs the appliance, which is equally dangerous. When a device is plugged into a GFI outlet, there is no need to worry about the accidents mentioned above. The GFI outlet will automatically cut the power and prevent you from being electrocuted.

If you would like a Miami electrician to make your home safer by installing GFI outlets, give Elcon Electric a call today.