Kitchen Remodel Help from Miami Electrician

We all have kitchen envy from time to time. Maybe you see the kitchen of your dreams while watching your favorite television show or flipping through a magazine. You begin imagining where you would put this appliance, what you would cook in that gorgeous kitchen and recognizing how fabulous the lighting was. If you are considering making your dreams a reality, you will want to call Elcon Electric to help you see it through.

Updated and Adding Outlets

A kitchen remodel can mean anything from a few upgrades here and there, including the lighting or a complete gutting and rebuilding process. During the upgrading process, you will likely want to have newer, updated GCFI outlets installed as well as add a couple more if possible. You can never have too many outlets in the kitchen. An electrician in Miami will discuss your options with you and determine whether your home can support more outlets or if more in-depth work will need to be completed.

Updated Lighting

A simple change in the lighting fixtures can make your old kitchen look brand new. Brighten up a dreary space with gorgeous track lighting or add emphasis to a certain counter top with under-the-counter LED lights. Recessed lighting is extremely popular right now and looks very sleek. Dimmer switches installed by your Miami electrician can also go a long way to saving you money on your electric bill, especially when combined with CFL lights.

It may not be feasible for you to embark on a complete remodel, but you can still upgrade your kitchen with little things like light fixtures to create an entirely new look without the cost and mess of a full remodel. If you would like to know more about your lighting options, give Elcon Electric a call and set up an appointment today.