How Much Electricity Is My Stove Using?

kitchen with white cabinets, steel microwave and stoveHave you ever wondered how much electricity your stove uses? Do you think the amount of electricity you use while cooking is insignificant? Then you should keep reading to find out how much electricity your stove is using, how you can save up energy, and the numerous benefits of using a good energy-saving stove.

5 Main Benefits of Using a Good Energy-Saving Stove

  • It helps reduce utility cost
    Everyone is looking for a way to cut down on expenses, especially utility costs. One of the ways you can reduce your electricity bill is by using a good energy-saving stove. You would be surprised at the amount of energy you use by cooking on a stove. Therefore, getting a stove that reduces your energy use is a good option to cut costs.
  • It reduces energy pollution
    We are in a world where climate change and energy saving are important to keep our world habitable. You can contribute to the earth’s sustainability, and cleanliness by using an energy-saving stove to reduce your energy consumption.
  • It ensures better safety
    Safety is important especially when you have kids and pets in the home. It is advisable to use an energy-saving stove that is safe and convenient because you can rest assured that there is a lower chance of fire incidents in your home or space.

How To Determine Your Electric Stove Consumption

On average, an electric stove usually consumes 2000 to 5000 watts of electricity. However, there are three simple ways to determine your electric stove consumption.

  • Number of Burners
    The number of burners you have plays a significant role in how much electricity your stove consumes. Hence, critically consider if you always need to use all of your stove burners at once as this will help you save costs.
  • Matching Burners to Pots/Pans
    Most people don’t know that using a bigger burner for a small pot or pan affects the amount of electricity being used and wasted. You should match your burner with the pots or pans you want to use to cook. This is cost-effective and safe.
  • Type of Cooking
    How many times do you cook a day? How much time do you spend cooking? The answer to these questions plays a role in the amount of electricity your stove consumes. Another tip you can consider is to do your meal prep before putting on your electric stove. You can wash your proteins, cut the vegetables, and set aside all ingredients so that it helps you save time and energy while cooking.

One Quick Way To Install An Energy-Saving Stove

As earlier mentioned, using an energy-saving stove has ample benefits for you and your home. To install one quickly and with ease, we at Elcon Electric can help you install one efficiently. We come in to inspect your kitchen to determine the type of electric stove suitable for you and if you need a dedicated circuit.

We also do installation and maintenance checks to ensure it is safe for you and your family. We also do repairs by our efficient and professional electricians.

You can contact us now for inquiries and questions.