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Outlets and switches are critical interfaces you rely on to access and control your electricity everyday. Many homeowners don’t realize exactly how powerful or potentially hazardous they are. Indeed, the power that we tap into to light, heat, power appliances, and keep our homes safe can be dangerous, when it isn’t properly maintained. Check out our FAQ below to learn more about electrical outlet and light switch repair and installation.

Switch / Outlet Repair and Installation FAQs

How can I assure my switches and outlets are not a safety hazards?
Where should a GFI be installed?
I can’t reset my GFCI outlet. Is it a bad GFCI or is there a ground-fault?
What does a ground fault mean?
What is a 220 Volt Outlet?
What is a AC Outlet?

How can I assure my switches and outlets are not a safety hazards?

light switch With time and use, these connections can become loose, creating potential hazards. Here are a few tips concerning the potential hazards associated with your switches and outlets.

  • Check to make sure outlets and switch plates are not unusually hot to the touch. If they are, immediately unplug cords from these outlets and do not use the switches.
  • Have a qualified electrician check the wiring as soon as possible. An inspection by a certified electrician can help you determine the extent of the issues or dangers facing your home. Our technicians can help you navigate through the options to update your wiring and reduce the danger of electrical fire.
  • Look for discoloration as another indication of potentially dangerous heat buildup at these connectors.
  • Check that all outlet and switch cover plates are in good condition so that no wiring is exposed. Replace any missing, cracked or broken cover plates.
  • Be sure to use safety caps with unused outlets.
  • If you live in a home built before 1980, you should get an inspection to determine the safety of your system. Older homes used substandard wiring technology that presents higher fire dangers. Such systems should be updated as soon as possible.

In any event, Elcon Electric has you covered. Our experienced technicians are ready to inspect your wiring, outlets, and switches and swiftly provide solutions and comprehensive work plans. The danger of poorly maintained or corroded switches and outlets can’t be put off, so let us help make your home safer than ever with modern, secure wiring.

Where should a GFI be installed?

GFCI outlets should be placed in areas that are near water that require energy.

I can’t reset my GFCI. Is it a bad GFCI or is there a ground-fault?

When there is a difference in input and output current there could be a leakage somewhere. If this is detected, the GFCI outlet cuts the power. This is done so the user does not get shocked.

What does a ground fault mean?

When a “hot” wire touches the ground wire, a ground fault results. This causes the circuit breaker to blow or trip.

What is a 220 Volt Outlet?

220 outlet In residential homes around the US, a 220 outlet is the most powerful sockets you can find. Meant for powering ovens and dryers, these plugs are meant for supplying electricity to your more demanding appliances. 220-volt plugs have three or four prongs. The fourth prong is used as a ground while the three prong outlet uses a metal harness or strap for grounding.

What is an AC Outlet?

ac outlet An AC outlet is an outlet that allows a device to be connected to the alternative current, or AC, power supply. The plugs that connect to an AC outlet have at least two prongs, one hot and one cold. Sometimes these plugs have a third prong that is grounded. These are the most common outlets found in homes.

Switch / Outlet Repair and Installation Reviews

“They worked hard and were very good. They do not rip you off.”
Grace Fernandez

“I’d like to offer a recommendation should you ever need an Electrician. I have been amazed from the first time calling them (Mary answers usually) for my hotel and have since used them at my home. They are always prompt, clean, courteous professional and they know their stuff. It’s stressful not knowing/trusting who to call but I highly recommend if you do need to fix that light switch or rewire your home – they are top notch. I actually found them online a while back and got super lucky – as this is a rare occurrence in South Florida.” – Karen Brown