Fort Lauderdale Electrician Explains Cloth Wire Replacement

Does your home have cloth wiring? If so, you might want to consider having a Fort Lauderdale electrician do a cloth wire replacement. Electrical wiring systems built prior to the 1950’s are like a time bomb ready to go off because the cloth wiring slowly deteriorates. The result can be electrical fires which cause deaths, injuries and millions of dollars each year.

Cloth wiring needs replacement because it becomes brittle over time. Eventually the cloth falls off and exposes the wires. As you probably know, bare wiring can be extremely dangerous.  Not only is bare wiring a fire hazard but it can cause electrical shock if anyone accidentally touches it. As well, most cloth electrical systems are not grounded. Grounding redirects surplus voltage out of your home and into the ground.  Without grounding, low level electric volts can build up in your wiring. This build up can cause electrical shock plus shorten the shelf life of various devices like computers, stoves, televisions, refrigerators and other appliances.

How to Know if You Have Cloth Wiring

If you have a house that was built before the 1950’s, then you most likely you have cloth wiring. If you think your wiring looks okay, don’t assume that it is up-to-date. Some cloth wiring can look modern in disguise. If you are unsure, then it is best to call a licensed electrical contractor to be on the safe side. Qualified electricians can do an inspection and give you a free estimate for wiring upgrades if needed.   Don’t hesitate to call Elcon Electric, a licensed Fort Lauderdale electrician for more information.