Do All Electric Cars Use The Same Charger? Miami Electrician Answers.

electric vehicle home charging How do I charge my electric vehicle? How does the charging work? What will it cost me? How long does it take to fully charge my EV?

The above questions are some recurring questions in the minds and mouths of prospective EV users who are considering switching from gasoline to electric vehicles.

In this article, we will explore the answers. So read on to see, especially if you live in Miami and its environment.

3 Major Pros and Cons of EVs and Gasoline Vehicles

Gasoline vehicles are more common than electric cars.

Electric cars require specialized electricians to maintain and repair, while gas vehicles mechanics are more popular.

You have to charge your EV and charging outlets are not as available as a gas station.

3 Main Types of Electric Car Chargers

There are different types of EV chargers hence why all electric cars don’t use the same one.

Level 1 Charger: These are the regular charging ports that are available at home and in public charging outlets. If you do not drive regularly and have ample time to charge at night or during the day, this is the electric car charger for you. It takes time to fully charge your electric vehicles, and you don’t need a specialized electrician to install them. It is also the cheapest among the charging options.

Level 2 Charger: These are the 240 volts charger that are standards for charging electric vehicles at home or in public charging outlets. They charge faster than the level 1 chargers. The faster it charges also depends on the amperage, brand, and model of your EV. If you live in Miami, you may need an electrician in Miami to check and modify your home electric system to accommodate this charging outlet in your garage before installation.

Level 3 Charger: These are direct current charging that charges your electric vehicle in 45-75 minutes depending on the model of EV and type of service center. Also, note that Tesla super-fast chargers charge faster than regular DC chargers. They are usually recommended for EVs used on longer trips, commercial use or have limited home charging duration. This installation requires a professional electrician.

3 Facts About EV Chargers

They ensure your safety: You honestly do not want to run out of battery on a road trip or while driving at night on a lonely road. The different outlets for charging are to ensure you are safe as you drive your EVs.

They are convenient: It will be cumbersome to only charge your electric vehicle at the brand’s outlet, but with home and public charging outlets, you can conveniently do that. There are many outlets close to malls and cinemas to help you charge as you run errands.

There are cost-effective options: There are different charging options to meet your budget and car needs. This is to help you save time and money.

It is advisable to use a professional electrician while running maintenance checks to help you reduce maintenance fees. You can contact us at Elcon Electric for quality services, especially if you need an electrician in Miami.